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Our plumbers are dedicated to completing your project (large or small) with quality results, on time, and within your budget.

We are the plumber in Oklahoma City that does more than clear your clogged toilet or pipes.

Todd Feehan with Dad's Plumbing and Jack Werner with  A to Z  Inspections talk about displaced flue pipes in the attic

The team at Dad’s Plumbing is here to help you with the best plumbing OKC has to offer.  We offer a multitude of services. You won't wonder what the plumbing cost will be, because we provide a free plumbing estimate.


We recommend regularly scheduled inspections of your pipes, flues, and drains. The benefits of maintaining your home will save you headaches later.


What is drain cleaning? Well, it’s known by many names but most people call it snaking, auger, or plungering. Whatever name you choose to use, we can clear that clogged toilet or clogged pipes.

My water heater is not working, does it need to be replaced?

Not necessarily. If it is leaking internally, then yes. Otherwise, you might want to determine whether it's cost effective to make a water heater repair because of the tanks age. We can help.

What is emergency plumbing, and does it apply to me?

Most plumbers (if were being honest here) may tell you that there is some priority based system that justifies getting a plumber out faster. This is not entirely true. Most companies and most calls are performed in the order that they come in, unless scheduled previously. This is generally a reference to plumbing work after 5 p.m. by 24 hour companies.

For pipes to plungers and everything between call the Plumber in OKC you can rely on at 405-602-2615