The OKC Plumber who finds solutions to your plumbing problems


We know to grow as a business, you must be satisfied with our work.

What makes Dads Plumbing THE plumbing

 company in OKC? We give you options and

   allow you to make the decisions that other

    companies might make for you. Our team

     takes care of your home and yard—just like

      it was ours. When we replace your sewer

     line, our plumbers will put the dirt back flat.

    We will not track mud all over your house,

   and will not leave trash around the work area.

Q: How do I know if I am hiring a good plumber?

A: Check reviews on Google Plus, see if the plumber gives you options, is what you need explained in words you understand so you can make decisions based on your budget?


Q: Is Dad’s Plumbing a 24 hour plumbing company?

A: Unfortunately, no. There is a shortage of plumbers and many companies are no longer doing 24 hour services so they can spend time  with their families. This will change when more people enter the industry.

Owner Todd Feehan's philosophy is to provide all customers with the highest level of service by understanding the consumer’s needs and concerns through effective communication.


We feel that our job is not done until we have asked you every question we can think of to

ensure the best possible solution to your

problem. And we do all of that before we start!


Dad's Plumbing specializes in finding alternate options to client challenges.

A problem is just an unsolved riddle to Todd Feehan. He constantly finds new and innovative solutions of his own creation. Todd's solutions best fit the problem, rather than using the easiest or most obvious solution.


He never set out to be an inventor, but when he didn't find a suitable solution for one physically challenged customer, he came up with an answer - the Kelley Plate. It is installed around the toilet base for wheelchairs.


Need a creative solution- call Todd at Dad's Plumbing.

From pipes to plungers and everything between call the Plumber you can rely on • 405-602-2615