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Gas Fireplaces: a few things you should know

If the gas starter in your fireplace is not working or is not working properly, it may be an easy fix, or it may involve calling a plumber. But here are some things to check first.


Assuming you have a gas pipe in your fireplace with slits in the pipe and you do not appear to be getting gas through it. Possible problems could be:

  • air in the line that needs to be bled off;
  • a gas valve is closed or partially closed at the fireplace and/or at some other location;
  • the gas to the house is shut off;
  • the gas line is present but not connected, or the gas line somehow got clogged with debris, or is improperly installed.

Most of the time, it is one of the first three things. First, be sure that the gas to the house is on. Second, check for a closed or partially closed gas shut-off in, under, and around the fireplace. Also, look on the outside or backside of the fireplace for a gas shut off valve. Check for “light switches” around the fireplace, some have a pilot that is on but are only “lit” by flipping a switch.


If you do not identify the problem with these steps, it is time to call a licensed plumber.

Q: What is a gas test, meter reset?

A: If you have a gas leak or if the gas company has turned your gas off due to a leak, you will need a gas pressure test or meter reset. The gas system is put under load and leaks are located for repairs. Once all leaks are found, repaired, and verified by the city as good (requires a city permit), then the gas company will turn the gas back on. This is also done if property has been vacant for an extended period

Q: My water heater is not working, does it need to be replaced?

A: Not necessarily, If it is leaking internally then yes. Otherwise you might want to determine whether it is cost effective to call for a water heater repair because of the tanks age. We can help.



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