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All repairs are under warranty for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated. Neglect, abuse, or tampering with plumbing related to the repair will void all warranties.


Drain cleaning

All drains cleared inside a property will be

under warranty for a period of 30 days unless

otherwise stated.


Sewer cleaning (outside)

All sewer cleanings are under warranty to be problem free from root growth for a period of 90 days. Stoppages occurring from issues other than roots may not be preventable and should be addressed.

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3 year warranty (residential only)

Our 36 month warranty guarantees each home owner that all large replacements to be free from problems caused by poor installation practices or use of inferior products when they matter most. Such warranty will only apply to the following:


Complete sewer system replacement

(under home, homes with crawl spaces)

Complete sewer service replacement

(this is the main sewer line outside the home)

Complete water replacement (all hot, all

cold, or both) over head or under home

Complete water service (yard line from meter to home)

Complete gas distribution replacement (inside or under home)

Complete gas service line (yard line from meter to home)

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Dads Plumbing branding image of light blue pipe with stylized highlights

Q: Why is my tub filling with dirty water?

A: Many times hair and household items can get in a pipe and clog it. You can get build up over the years.


Q: If I get a tankless water heater, will it be instant hot water?

A: No, it will take the water the same amount of time to get from the heater to the fixture (unless you put the heater closer). Instant hot water can be obtained with a recirculation pump or an individual instant hot water dispenser. This can be installed at some kitchen sinks and in break rooms.

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